materialAt MSSL, we are committed to excellence in providing early Montessori education, wrap-around care for school-aged children, and summer camps. We believe in nurturing the whole child to foster a love of learning, create opportunities for growth and independence, and building self-respect and self-worth. All of our students, from the youngest infant to school aged elementary pupil, are supported to grow as unique individuals while giving them the cognitive, academic, and social skills that will support their future success.
The majority of students enrolled at MSSL for 3 or more years tested as gifted while 10% of students enrolled after 1 year were assessed as gifted. This supports the research which states that students enrolled in a Montessori program since Toddler gain enhanced cognitive benefits as a result.

The daily program for our day school students is planned and structured, including a balance of Montessori classroom work, outdoor activity, group lessons, and open-ended activity. The classroom curriculum is planned responsively, based on the actual interests, needs, and abilities of the children in each classroom.

As a Montessori school and member of the American Montessori Society, we hold to the following ideals:


  •  Education and teaching must be based on a deep respect for children as individuals and nurture the child’s ability to learn through their own agency and choices.
  •  Active “hands-on” learning is central to the curriculum in all aspects and programs for all children.
  •  Multi Age classes allow teachers to develop close and long-term relationships with their students, allow children to know each other’s learning style well, and encourage older children to become role models, mentors, and leaders to their younger classmates.
  •  Independence is nurtured, leading to children becoming purposeful, motivated, and confident in their own abilities both as learners and as people.
  • Peace and conflict resolution are taught consistently and children learn to be a part of a warm, respectful, and supportive community.
  •  Environments are responsibly and carefully prepared with multi sensory, sequential, and self-correcting materials to support self-directed learning.
  •  Self-expression is nurtured in all children through experiences with creative arts.
  • Administrators, teachers, children, and families work together as a warm supportive community.

primary-3In building classroom communities and nurturing well rounded children, we feel it is important for the whole class to participate together for enrichment activities and classes. To this end, we include several quality enrichment programs as part of our curriculum. Enrichment classes will sometimes change from semester to semester but typically include three from the following: Art, Creative Movement/Dance, Music, French, Spanish, and Soccer.

Also included within the school tuition and fees, we provide meal service for breakfast, snacks, and lunch for all of our students. We prepare our food on site daily, have a vegetarian option for all meals, and design our menu so that balance is maintained between “variety” and “student favorites”. Menus are updated monthly and available on the school web page under the resources tab.

We look forward to having your family join Montessori School of Sugar Land. Please note however that program spaces are limited and, when open, will be filled starting with families from the waiting list and on a first-come first-served basis.