Private Kindergarten

Third Year of Montessori or Kindergarten

As you explore Kindergarten options for your child, consider the following:

Our academic Kindergarten provides your child with one to one focused attention, and a curriculum not offered in the public sector. Montessori School of Sugar Land is committed to offering a nurturing environment, coupled with a rich academic curriculum. The combination of both elements affords your child a kindergarten education which is second to none.

By the time our 4.5-5 year old children have completed their second year at MSSL, they have often successfully completed most of, if not all, the Elementary School District Standards for Kindergarten. Academic challenge in public kindergarten often does not exist for Montessori School of Sugar Land children. We offer small group size with a teacher/student ratio of 1:11 The large social group in public school with a ratio of 1:20, is certainly delightful for our children, but the academic work is what they accomplished one or two years ago at Montessori School of Sugar Land.

Utilizing the Montessori Method, developed in the 1900’s by Dr. Maria Montessori, the belief is that children grow and learn best in a loving and nurturing environment. Our role is to encourage a child’s natural curiosity, provide ample opportunities for exploration and self-discovery, and direct the child to develop the needed skill sets for life’s success. Our kindergarten classroom, for children ages 5 years to 6 years old, builds upon a child’s broad knowledge base, in true Montessori style.

At Montessori School of Sugar Land, children learn out to actively develop and nurture their academic skill set as well as reasoning skills. The combined skill set helps release their imagination and their curiosity. Our Montessori kindergarten teachers follow the philosophy of Dr. Montessori and instill in our students a culturally diverse environment, which is designed to encourage a feeling of being connected to all of humanity.

The classroom in Montessori School of Sugar Land looks out into the world and introduces our students to community service which begins with them as individuals, first and foremost. Upon graduating Montessori School of Sugar Land, children will be better equipped to face the world as independent thinkers with a thirst for life and knowledge for living.