Primary (3 to 6 years)

Our “Primary Classrooms” are multi-age Montessori Preschool classrooms for children three through six years old. The classroom day is designed to give children a block of uninterrupted morning time for work as well as opportunities for outside activities throughout the day. Academically, teachers follow the curriculum while individualizing instruction to genuinely follow each child and provide support and guidance while honoring each child’s capabilities. In the multi-age classroom, children have opportunities to learn from each other as peers and also as peer mentors in addition to learning through their interaction with teachers and their work with materials in the classroom. This gives children more ways to build and test their understanding while also building their self-confidence as life-long learners.

Each classroom has a lead Montessori teacher with an assistant and an average group size of eighteen children. Our classrooms operate throughout the entire year, with Montessori work and academics continuing through the summer in addition to the main fall and spring semesters.

Parent communication is part of the foundation for our partnership with families. To support this fully requires more than the routine notes and informal chat with teachers at pick-up and drop-off, accordingly, we also have formal quarterly parent-teacher conferences to review your child’s progress in detail in addition to progress notes every week in your child’s Friday folder.