After school and Summer Camp

Our afterschool program picks children up from their elementary schools and returns them to MSSL for an afternoon snack, homework and tutoring time, and fun supervised games and activities.

Over winter break and spring break for FBISD we know it can be hard to find something for your children to do while you are at work. For those weeks, we offer a full day camp for school age children and welcome new students to join.

When the school year ends, we offer a full day summer camp for school aged children. Our summer camp includes weekly field trips and class projects that center on the weekly theme for that week. As an integrated part of the projects, games, and activities planned for our campers, children are given opportunities to practice their academic skills so that they are sharp and ready for their next grade. As with all of our programs, meal service is included in the camp costs. In recognition that summer play is as important to children as summer work, we give the children opportunities to contribute to the planning of some of their field experiences and the topics for many of their projects.

For Summer, we present: A World of Fun Under One Sun. With a summer packed with activities, challenges, and events following our weekly themes while celebrating global diversity and concepts of ecological sustainability.

Our summer themes include:

Get Into Nature: A week of exploring nature, ecology, and the great outdoors including a hiking trip at Brazos Bend State Park. Classroom projects will draw on the children’s interests and range from crafting bird feeders and hiking sticks to harnessing the sun to build a solar oven.

Sports Connection: Sports from near and far fill the week including a student planned school Olympiad. Soccer has been a favorite with our students throughout the year and our coach will be on hand for matches throughout the week. Frisbee golf is also on the list as well as sports and games suggested by the campers.

Food For Fun: Some of us love to cook and others love to eat, but we all love food. Campers will sample and cook food from around the world and around the block. Projects will include cooking activities and working with family favorite recipies and traditional fare from around the world. Field trips will include kitchen tours at local restaurants.

…And Much, Much More! With all of the fun and adventure filled field trips and events we have planned, the summer simply is not long enough!