Our mission is to instill in every child self-confidence, a sense of curiosity, and joy for learning in order to equip them with the skills they need for lifelong success.

MSSL Philosophy

At Montessori School of Sugar Land, we believe that every child is the following:

  • A special individual with a unique personality
  • Deserving of our care and respect
  • Capable of self-directed learning
  • Filled with natural curiosity
  • Able to learn through hands-on exploration and interactions
  • Filled with joy when they accomplish new skills


We back up our commitment to that philosophy with one word: Succeed.  Succeed is the acronym that reminds us of the goals we have for every child enrolled in our school.

Our goal is to help each child succeed.

S – Self-directed learning environments allow children to learn at their own comfortable pace.

U—Use classroom media to provide opportunities for learning.

C—Cultivate an independent spirit in every child.

C—Create opportunities every day for children to express themselves.

E—Engage with everyone in the classroom with respect and dignity.

E—Excel at working with others to create a team environment.

D—Discovery is the key to instilling a lifelong commitment to learning in every child.


Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori philosophy has remained unchanged for over 100 years because we are confident that it works.

We believe that children will flourish in an open, supportive, diverse environment. Children in this optimal setting will learn social skills such as working on a team, accepting and celebrating difference in others, and respect for other points of view.

In addition to learning those vital social skills, they learn about the world around them. We provide children with learning tools that are fun and interactive. They learn as they were meant to—through play.

Children choose the learning materials that they need. In fact, we know that children have an innate sense that makes them gravitate to the materials that they need the most. They interact with the material until they master it, then naturally move on to learn the next.

This self-directed environment allows children to master learning without pressure or fear of reprimand. Putting them at ease shows them that they are cared for and respected. In turn, they are more apt to continue to learn.

In a Montessori classroom, teachers play a unique role. We do not follow the traditional model where the teacher stands in front of a class giving instruction to the classroom. Instead, our teachers interact with the students to check their comprehension, intervene when needed and are available to children when they have a question.

Montessori Educational Outcomes

We fully expect your child to reach his or her best potential. Here are the outcomes you can expect from a Montessori educational program.

A Montessori educated child is one who:

  • Enjoys learning and will become a lifelong learner
  • Learns by exploring his or her world
  • Can enjoy quiet moments of self-reflection
  • Is an independent thinker
  • A self-confident child
  • One who has self-control
  • Can concentrate while learning
  • Loves routine and order
  • Understands the difference between reality and fantasy
  • Can make good choices

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We encourage you to join us for a tour. We would love for you to see how you child will benefit from his or her time at the Montessori School of Sugar Land.