7 Reasons Why Your Children Will Benefit from Our Sienna Summer Camp

Summer camp is an easy way for working parents to ensure their young school-age children are active and happy throughout the summer break. Some parents don’t give it much thought beyond that.

But, while the convenience for parents is indisputable, summer camp plays a role in a child’s ongoing education even while school is out for the summer. It might look like play. However, a well-planned program provides learning opportunities for hiding in every corner.

Take a moment to read, and you’ll see why summer camp is the most beneficial summer care alternative for your child.

1 – Builds Friendships

Summer camp allows children to meet friends from outside their school. So, while your children might attend school in Sienna, Missouri City, or Fresno, they might form a lifelong friend who resides in Sugar Land or Stafford.

Enabling your children to meet kids from other communities allows them to grow their support network throughout Fort Bend County.

When children meet at camp, they share fun experiences and form new bonds naturally. While some kids are admittedly hesitant to meet new people, they quickly learn to establish relationships without self-doubt once they see how easy it really is!

2 – Encourages Learning Outside of the Classroom

It’s essential for children to learn skills and concepts such as reading and math in a classroom setting. However, when children plop in front of a tv or gaming device for the summer, they often don’t retain their new knowledge into the next school year.

Summer camp offers opportunities for your child to use the skills they learn all summer long; utilizing those concepts over summer break has three benefits:

  • Reinforces what they’ve already learned,
  • Enables them to apply those concepts with confidence,
  • Allows them to build on those concepts.

A thematic program that fosters applied concepts such as science, art, or social sciences typically achieves those outcomes.

3 – Teaches Collaboration

Whether your child flourishes at reading, science, or dramatic arts, camp programming teaches them to work collaboratively.

Children in summer camp frequently work together in small groups. In this setting, they foster their strengths and learn to seek input from other children to help overcome things that challenge them.

Children who learn collaboration tend to excel later in life. They learn how to listen to advice or input and discern the validity of the information before they act. As they mature into the middle grades or high school, and beyond into adulthood, they develop good working relationships with others around them.

Isn’t that a skill we all truly need?

4 – Grows Confidence

Not every child excels at everything they try. As parents, we encourage them always to try their hardest and put forth their best efforts.

In summer camp, we present children with opportunities to try new things without the pressure of a classroom environment, enabling them to gain confidence.

This could give a child who doesn’t love to play sports, for instance, the opportunity to try playing soccer. Or, it could offer your child who is not interested in arts and crafts to try a new craft like papier mache.

Once they’ve tried these activities without the fear of a “bad grade,” they might find they actually enjoy their newfound skill. The summer camp setting fosters confidence.

5 – Instills a Love of Nature

Children spend so much of the school year indoors, that getting outside for fun excites them. Summer camp programs understand that children need to get outside to “work out the wiggles,” and they plan a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences.

While outdoors, children learn without even realizing it! They observe weather patterns, inspect ladybugs, learn to identify the fragrance of various flowers, and more—just by being outdoors.

Time spent outdoors instills a love of—and respect for—nature, inspires, and opens the mind to learning.

6 – Promotes Healthy Living

Choosing a summer camp with a balanced schedule can promote healthy living.

Summer camps include physical activities, team sports, and all that outdoor time we mentioned in point #5. This physical activity is critical to our children, many of whom spend so much screen time these days. Jumpstarting a child’s love of physical activity promotes a lifetime love of physical fitness.

Additionally, camp programs promote healthy eating. For instance, the Montessori School of Sugarland’s summer camp includes a “Top Chef” week. During this week, children will prepare and eat balanced foods and learn about wise food choices.

7 – Allows Time for Creative Play

Kids today are busier than ever before. From attending school to dance rehearsals or football practices, children sometimes become overscheduled to the point that they don’t take time out for the most critical thing—play!

Children learn from playing. Play allows them to solve problems, think creatively, and work independently or within a group. Those are important skills.

Additionally, play allows children the time they need to relax. It’s how they work through their emotions and grow into better-adjusted young adults.

The best summer camps have structured activities that facilitate learning with a substantial allotment of time to let children just be themselves by playing alone or with others.

Tips for Enrolling Your Child in Summer Camp

We are going to leave you with three tips when enrolling your child in a summer program.

  1. Enroll early. The best summer camps fill spaces quickly. For example, we have children who attend every summer as well as children in our after-school program who enroll earliest, so spots fill up fast!
  2. Look for structure. Structured camp programs are based on educational principles and are age appropriate.
  3. Qualified staff. Ask about the camp staff to ensure that they are fully trained before the first day of camp and understand the needs of young children.

We would love to invite you to enroll your children in the Montessori School of Sugar Land’s summer camp in Sugar Land or Sienna. We service families from throughout Fort Bend County and are confident that your children would benefit from our theme-based program.