The majority of students enrolled at MSSL for 3 or more years tested as gifted and talented. Book a Tour Today and Get a Discount.

Our Vision

At Montessori School of Sugar Land, we strive to meet the needs of the whole child: nurturing the love of learning, creating opportunities for growth and independence, and building their self-respect and positive self-worth.

Our Mission

At Montessori School of Sugar Land, we want to give every child a lasting advantage by nurturing the social, developmental, and learning skills that set successful children apart.

Our Curriculum

At Montessori School Sugar Land, learning is fun! Every day is filled with age-appropriate activities that encourage the development of the whole child.

Welcome to Montessori School of Sugar Land


Nestled in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, the Montessori School of Sugar Land (MSSL) serves families in the surrounding areas of Missouri City and Sienna. Our mission is to nurture the whole child, fostering a lifelong love of learning through a carefully curated environment that promotes growth, independence, self-respect, and positive self-worth.

At MSSL, we believe in the transformative power of the Montessori approach. Our students’ achievements speak volumes – most children enrolled for three or more years have been assessed as gifted, while even those who joined for just one year showed remarkable cognitive development, with 10% testing as gifted. This aligns with research highlighting the enhanced cognitive benefits for children immersed in Montessori education from their toddler years.

Our commitment to providing a nurturing, safe, and meticulously prepared environment is unwavering. We treat each child as unique, tailoring our approach to address their needs holistically. When enrolling your child at MSSL, you invest in more than just a drop-off childcare service. Our classroom experience is thoughtfully designed to create an effective, enjoyable, and child-friendly atmosphere that supports their social, emotional, and academic growth.

At MSSL, we believe in enriching our students’ educational journey with a diverse range of experiences. That’s why we’re proud to offer weekly French and Spanish lessons, Zumba classes, music enrichment, and a children’s soccer program, fostering a well-rounded development that extends beyond the classroom walls.

We invite you to schedule a visit and witness firsthand the magic that unfolds within our Montessori community. Our dedicated team looks forward to the opportunity to showcase our school and share our passion for nurturing the next generation of lifelong learners.



A three-year-old educated according to Montessori pedagogy becomes a master of his hand



At MSSL we prepare students to be confident, independent and knowledgeable. We believe in nurturing the whole child to foster a love of learning, create opportunities for growth while building self-respect and self-worth.

  • Children will have the opportunity to investigate and explore their world
  • Children are encouraged to explore their interests and abilities

Our infant classroom is Montessori’s vision of a “Nido” or nest. It is a peaceful and loving place where babies can explore and feel secure. Each child is nurtured with affection and respect.


Our Toddler program fosters cognitive, speech and language development while strengthening fine and gross motor skills. It also introduces independence with grace and courtesy.


Our Primary program is for children from 3 to 6 years. In this mixed-age environment, children spend three years in the same classroom getting to know each other and their teachers well.


Our Kindergarten provides an extraordinary opportunity for 5 and 6-year-olds to develop their leadership skills while giving a readiness for 1st grade and the tools to meet new challenges.


Our afterschool program picks children up from their elementary schools and returns them to MSSL for an afternoon snack, homework and tutoring time, and fun supervised games and activities.


Our camp includes field trips and projects based on weekly themes. As an integrated part of the projects, games, and activities for our campers, children are given opportunities to sharpen their academic skills.


It follows that the child can only develop fully by means of experience on his environment. We call such experience “work”.

Admission Process

Our program is unique and we want you to see it first hand.


Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.


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Years of operation in Fort Bend County
Enrichment Classes: French, Spanish, Zumba, Music & Soccer
Loving and Dedicated Teachers
Campuses: Sugar Land and Sienna Plantation

Discover MSSL: Enrichment Classes

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.


Weekly French lessons through the use of gestures, music and vocabulary to promotes rapid language acquisition.


Weekly classes to help students effortlessly acquire basic Spanish language skills


Zumba lesson provides children with opportunities to perfect their movements and refine their coordination.


Soccer is offered to provide physical activity and expose our children to the game.


Music class with song, movement, and instruments is offered weekly to all students.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

We offer breakfast, snacks, and lunch with a vegetarian option for all meals.


The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. He has the power to teach himself.


Upcoming Event

Summer Camp MSSL

Unleash your child’s potential at our Montessori Summer Camp! Nurture independence through self-directed learning. Explore nature, STEM, arts, and more with hands-on activities. Experienced Montessori guides foster concentration and joy in education. Limited spaces – enroll today for an enriching, fun-filled summer!

Now Enrolling for 2024-25

Enroll now! Nurturing minds, inspiring futures. Limited spots.

Field Trip to Dewberry Farm

Hands-on learning, farm animals, mazes galore! 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

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